Solvitur Ambulando – It is solved by walking

This morning there was a “Mexican standoff” in our house; three sets of heels dug truly and deeply in the mud. I do not really remember what it was about and yet I am sure we all had reasons for feeling the way we did. In all likelihood those reasons probably had very little to do with the issue we were choosing to focus on in the moment. All I remember was it was a typical family upset revolving around the desire to get Cai to school on time and for all of us to be able to start our day. I also know that I was feeling frustration and anger and I was not being my best self.

Thankfully we live within walking distance of Cai’s school and as he and I left the confines of the house and experienced fresh(er) air I was able to look into myself, smile and make an offering.

“Cai do you want to learn some long words in Latin, the language of the Romans?” He likes soldiers at the moment and knows about the Romans, so he smiled at me and decided it might be a good thing.

I asked him to repeat after me, “sol-vi-tur am-bu-lan-do”.

“What does it mean?”

“It is solved by walking”

Again he smiled and our conversation as we marched steadily became the “wonder full” kind you have with a five year old. We talked about how we felt in the midst of our spat, Cai informing me. “I wanted to be a wizard and change everything.” This allowed us to explore how we all have the ability to be magical, how we can choose to be our “best selves” and work hard to change our thoughts and behaviors in the moment and create an outcome that makes us proud. I told him how I had not been my best self, how I had become frustrated, he told me it was a good idea to walk away and “find my magic“. (I tell you 5 year olds are really savvy when it comes to being good humans.) And so the conversation went on; both of us owning our mistakes, both of us apologizing to the other, both of us enjoying the wind in our faces and each others company.

We got to school smiling. “So what have you learned this morning Cai?”

Cai looked at me firmly in the eyes. “Solvitur ambulando and its best when you get outside.”

How do you solve your problems?


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2 thoughts on “Solvitur Ambulando – It is solved by walking

  1. I too would like to be a wizard. I don’t have to be original – I’d be psyched to be Gandalf – he makes grey look good. But Cai’s desire to wave a wand and have the problems of the ones he loves disapear – now that’s a wizard.

    I first learned, “it is solved by walking” while on the AT. And it’s one reason that even as a school teacher with summers off I would still work an OB course, usually right here near Leadville. I need to have life at no more than three miles an hour for at least a few weeks a year…

    Backcountry on Sunday?

  2. What a great Latin phrase! I hadn’t heard that before.

    I will add to your idea to let the universe do its magic – before your walk offer up your stresses, thoughts and desires and let them blow away into the wind! Leave them alone while on your walk, let a new breeze take them again if they return. Then on return if you would like to pick these thoughts back up go ahead or perhaps you have received new inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing your rough morning turned inspirational!

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