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A few days ago I was walking into work. The sky was an incredible cobalt and I had just been sitting outside the local coffee shop with Cai and my sister. It all felt truly Mediterranean and the boy from Wales (me) was now striding with a skip in his step, appreciative of the incredible weather and how his life has evolved. As I walked I was sipping on coffee and to say the least I was very content.

Walking through a pleasant neighborhood, I greeted an old couple, after initial hellos the gentleman asked me what was in my mug. In my rush to make it to work on time I gave a short and perfunctory response. As I left the couple behind, my mind started to race. What if I had answered with more interest and flair?

Why it is the elixir of the gods; even its fragrant scent lifts the most jaded souls from doldrums. Or maybe I might have quoted Benjamin Franklin suggesting that the contents might “excite cheerfulness without intoxication; and the pleasing flow of spirits which it occasions…is never followed by sadness, languor or debility.”

The thing was that my, “its just coffee” felt flat and somewhat unthoughtful. So for the rest of the day I made an effort to find something worthwhile and uplifting to say. Watching the smiles as I made connections with the people I had interactions with was warming. My highlight though was recognizing a lady’s rather unusual last name and telling her how I had met a girl of the same name a week or so earlier. She responded excitedly and told me that she is “my little girl”. The riposte was automatic, “well mom, you did a great job, she is lovely.” Watching the pride bloom in this lady’s face was magical, and every time I have seen her since she has made a point of seeking me out and saying something that will boost my day.

What are you saying to lift the day of others? What are you saying to lift your own?

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