Bodhisattva and the Wailers – thoughts on finding your happiness

In my work I am lucky to meet some amazing people, most of my colleagues are incredibly talented and in my daily routine I sometimes take care of celebrities. However, two weeks ago I had a moment that spoke to me more than most as I spent some time with the venerable Dupsing Rinpoche. Not only did this encounter evoke memories from my time in Nepal it also spiralled my thinking out of control. In particular I found myself looking at his face which radiated a sublime happiness; my trippy wife calls it an aura and in this moment I truly understood what she means. Dupsing displayed a confident contentment and this is from a man whose people have been forced to leave their home. If I look at other disposessed native people this is hardly the look I usually see; that though is another story.

So I have been left wondering what gives a man such an appearance. Over coffee yesterday a friend was joshing me (giving me a hard time for non Brits), that I was obsessed and that he too looked happy. Now, no offence, the thing is I rarely see people look this happy and know that they live it constantly. Yes I see euphoric rushes, moments when people are blissful. This though I feel was a constant. I have seen this beatific smile in one other place recently and that is on a video of the Wailers shot by some friends. check out the guy in the middle; the thing is I have not been in his presence so I do not know if he radiates happiness.

So back to the question, what allows someone to emanate such a glow, well in the case of Dupsing I think I know. The venerable Rinpoche has always known who he is and was told as much when he was young by people who had sought him out. (Check out his story He has been living his destiny as a result of this. When things are tough he knows that it is for a reason and he knows that his life takes discipline and he is more than willing to embrace it. As a living reincarnation he basically knows who he is.

Just as a farmer in Greece plants an olive tree knowing that it will wait for his grandson to reap the fruit, there is something rassuring in living this concept of impermanent permanence. Knowing who you are allows you to relax and be just that, it removes immeasurable choices that do not really help us and lets us focus on what we can affect. Dupsing is happy because he has worked at the things that he knows will make a difference, he knows he is working towards being the best he can be and he knows he is helping others in this process.

What can you or I do in this moment to know who we are and who we can help? Armed with this thought I look forward to seeing more smiles.

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