Resolutions and Running

I confess to being contrary at times and while I enjoy doing things such as meditating as part of a group I do not like doing things just because other people do them. New Year’s resolutions for instance irritate me as they seem like fads; everyone jumps on for a while and then drops off the planet a short time later. The thing was that this year the desire to make some major changes in my life coincided with the turning of the year – what to do? Well I thought I might as well try something different.  Some years ago I read some research by Sonja Lyubomirsky (the paper) suggesting that success is born from success, i.e. if we do something well we create the confidence to also do something completely different well. Success can then be attributed to a way of thinking based on experiences of personal victories. This also ties in nicely with Carol Dweck‘s “mindset” theory.

So January was spent doing something daily that I knew I was able to do and maintain and every day this year I have meditated. After a month was up I decided to add another layer to my discipline challenge and now I run before breakfast. I know that if I had started running at the beginning of the year I would have been one of those people that quickly loose sight of their resolutions. Another thing Dr Lyubomirsky suggests in her book  The How of Happiness is that we have a happiness set point that is derived from genetics which makes up 50% of our happiness potential, 10% is defined by life circumstances and 40% we can control through our daily disciplines.

Now it is over a month ago “Happy New Year“, what are you going to do to make your’s amazing?


One thought on “Resolutions and Running

  1. 2008 New Years resolution = Stop drinking alcohol. Haven’t had a drop since, it’s now over 4 years later.
    2009 New Years resolution = Scrape car windshild fully. I never miss a thing.
    2010 New Years resolution = Tie and untie my shoelaces every time. This took dedication but now I do it without thinking.
    2011 New Years resolution = Wake-up 30 minutes before necessary. I accomplish a lot more in my entire day because of this extra planning and organization time.
    2012 New Year resolution = Listen and do what my inner feeling (gut) sense and leads me toward.

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