Photo101: Warmth

Taking a photo depicting warmth after the Indian Summer has been replaced by snow and frigid temperatures seems cruel. This is Cai clearing snow off the windshield as the mercury plummeted. It felt good inside with the heater on.



Photo101: Landmarks

After a week of not posting I better start catching up. The assignment was to find an interesting perspective of a building. I liked how the building seemed to suit our Australian Shepherd Baggins.



Photo101: Connect


Today’s theme is “connect” and we were provided with a short discussion on social media and connection. Most of us have felt real connection; as a rock climber the rope is much more than a safety line it is a visceral symbol of trust.

Social media rarely reaches this depth. I was trying to find an image that portrayed a real connection along with something less robust. In this case a fake cobweb (lots of fine weak strands) left over from Halloween draped over the chain (fewer stronger connections) of a swinging bench on our porch.


Photo101: Composition

Composition is about telling a story. How do I freeze a moment in time so that there is an evident narrative?

Who’s taking who for a walk?


Photo101: Solitude

The assignment on Friday was to convey the state of being alone. I did not like any of the photos I took that day so this is a little late.



Photo101: Bliss

Bliss to me is being open to the beauty of any experience. While skiing a vast field of fresh powder would top my list of blissful pastimes, it is more important to be able to see the beauty in mundane moments.