Photo101: Connect


Today’s theme is “connect” and we were provided with a short discussion on social media and connection. Most of us have felt real connection; as a rock climber the rope is much more than a safety line it is a visceral symbol of trust.

Social media rarely reaches this depth. I was trying to find an image that portrayed a real connection along with something less robust. In this case a fake cobweb (lots of fine weak strands) left over from Halloween draped over the chain (fewer stronger connections) of a swinging bench on our porch.

Photo101: Water

Living in Denver has greatly changed my relationship with water. I no longer see the effect of the moon and its daily and seasonal connection with the tides. I do not see how weather can whip oceans into a frenzy. I have though seen this lazy autumnal scene rage after days of rain and I dream of traveling in boats. Like a child I also change the scale of this creek and wonder how my Lilliputian craft would fare.