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  1. Interesting… I was just trying to figure out how to invite people into anthroposophy at the new year without bombarding them with Steiner’s intellectualism. My husband who has supported me and my intellectual endeavors over the last 20 years and all my training activities will never make it through a Steiner book. He is too heart centered all phlegmatic Leo.I took him to the Holy nights discussion with me.Everyone was feeling sorry for him that he had to enter into the lectures that we were reading having never read Steiner before. But he entered right at the heart and what better way for him? The world is finally ready for Steiner.I want to make him more accessible not harder. Now I know that the way is through the heart and the art and the schools and food. Some people told me one had to work very hard to get to the truth but my training says “No, that is their picture.” If you need it to be hard, then it will be hard. I am a sanguine and a clairvoyant with the Berkeley Psychic Institute of Santa Rosa. Intuition is never hard. It’s learning to listen to your Self that is hard. Get the people out of the center of your head so you can hear! That is one of the first meditation tools we teach. All through the teacher training, they told us to be grounded and to meditate but they never gave us tools to really do that. When I took the training at BPI I learned how to ground and have a neutral space and all the other things I know now. It is such a blessing to be able to get my students’ energy out of my space. I don’t think everyone should be an intellectual anthroposophist but I do think they should use their spirit filled vision to create instead of our fear based thinking. Anyway thank you for your article. I wish my children were still young and I could take them to school again. Those were the days. I knew they would end too soon.
    … and they did. They are now 18 and 20 but the legacy of the Sebastopol Independent Charter School and all our work lives on.

  2. Erin thanks for your thoughtful response. The idea of “knowing me and being me rather than succumbing to the bombardment of what I should be” seems to me to be the crux of the 2stC and yes Steiner did provide a lot of tools to get there. My thinking is that if you know his work you will be able to find ways of presenting it in a far more accessible manner. I intuitively know that what he shared is right, unlocking it from his books is hard work for me, yet if I can surround myself with those that live it then I just get it.

    Again thanks for taking the time to write.
    Wil (another Leo with what some might call phlegmatic tendancies)

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