The first responsibility of any outdoor instructor is to give those in his or her care a sense of awe and wonder of all that surrounds them in a natural environment, and a sense of their own potential. Philosophy, the love of wisdom, begins in wonder.

Colin Mortlock from Beyond Adventure

My philosophy of education is one of aiding students to learn what they need at that particular time, to stretch them so that they understand their own potential, and are a catalyst for creating their own journey. My focus is on helping them to gain the knowledge and skills that will give them both satisfaction and a basis for being useful contributors to society. I enjoy sharing learning with students and learning with them and from them. I prefer to teach processes that can transfer into other areas of their life. I relish in the hum of activity, the smiles of achievement and the breaking of barriers and previously perceived norms. I love the feeling of students’ self esteem growing as they share their ideas, beliefs and theories with each other in a forum where acceptance of others is a foundation of  their culture. I strive to engage this culture. Most of all I am truly fulfilled when students have worked hard to make something happen, they are affected by the experience and have visibly grown from it. In particular, when they have learned something of worth and it was all their own doing.

The following Mind Map highlights the four contexts that I regard important within what I do in adventure education; People, Places, Passion & Play. It also describes what I aim for my students to experience and questions I wish them to ask themselves.

Personal Philosophy Mind Map

“Good teachers begin with high expectations for learners and struggle to meet those expectations in every instance. Too often the question is, “Is it practical?” when the question ought to be, “Is it passionate?” The given curriculum can be a guide or an obstacle, a framework or a hindrance, a resource or a barrier.”

William Ayers from To Teach: the journey of a teacher

“The more we learn, the more unique we become.”

Renate Caine