What I remember most of Wil is someone who truly believed in what he was doing, one of the few people that I have met in life who I would consider to be passionate about what they do and who had humility and was not afraid to put people’s well being and growth ahead of his own feelings.

Ian Taylor (student)

His passion is his measure as a man and his willingness to share his enthusiasm with others, often less fortunate than himself , mark him as a person of strong social conscience.

John Brailsford (Professor)

I believe you have a gift to teach in a very deep sense and have confidence that your future students will have similar experiences to the ones I had. You have taught me that with the right foundation and tools I can do anything. Thanks for everything I would not be in this beautiful land training for the Olympics without your help.

Andy Liebner (Student)

We worked / THOUGHT together with tons of interaction with each other and Wil. We were put in situations where we would naturally figure out our truth. When we stopped and thought about it, which we did often, we really got the meaning of it and found out what applies to us. I was very motivated to show up to class. I hated –HATED- it when class was over because I wanted to keep going. I think a class in which you think, are present, want to go to and applies to you is what a class should be.

Paul Davidson (Student)

Wil is talented, diplomatic, thoughtful and considerate with a good sense of humour which he uses to great effect in his teaching and his infectious enthusiasm for education passes to all under his guidance and care.

Paul Airey (Chief Instructor at the Conway Centre)

Wil is principled, creative & innovative. He is well read and intelligent, bringing critical analysis to all that he does. He has an excellent sense for safety and can keep a group’s morale up with a range of games, exercises and stories.

Wil is genuinely kind hearted and works hard to do the best for the groups and individuals in his care.

Tim Jepson (Senior Lecturer Bangor University)

Wil was resourceful, entertaining and good at assembling and creating a trusting and familiar classroom community.

Wil walks his talk! We moved a lot! Class as a whole was very positive and optimistic.

I liked Wil’s passion for helping us change how we approach our interactions with our students, our teaching philosophy and our class content.

Feedback from Anchorage School District professional Development Class

Set such a positive mood right from the get go. Sensitive to needs of teachers. Allowed the group to dictate some of the directions that discussion took on. Would take future classes from this instructor.

He was supportive and very effective. Lots of passion for what he teaches.

Incredible, facilitator, inspirational, calm

Energetic, fun, full of ideas and wonderful post sessions helping to reflect on the various activities.


Very resourceful in guiding activities, debriefing activities, building a team.

Energetic and enjoys his work.

Very informative-able to enjoy everyone. Brought class together in a short amount of time.

Excellent job, approachable, friendly, knowledgeable.

Will teaches by example which is very powerful.

Great personality. Well informed on all of the topic area.

Excellent, well organized, friendly.

Great! I enjoyed his activities.

Mr. Rickards was so knowledgeable. He finds success at every turn.

Feedback from Anchorage School District teacher inservice training


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